About Summit Pedorthics


About Summit Pedorthics

This is what Summit Pedorthics wants to do for you! We want to help you achieve optimum foot health!


  1. Advise you how to exercise and stretch your and manipulate your feet and lower legs.
  2. Have available or link to products that will help you obtain your goals.
  3. Provide over- the-counter, customized over-the-counter, and custom made foot orthotics.
  4. Advice on appropriate shoes, sizing and shoe modifications for your feet.
  5. Eventually having a store front where I can personally assist you.
  6. To offer footwear.
  7. All at affordable cost to allow being comfortable well affordable.

Cash, Checks or Debit/Credit cards accepted. Summit Pedorthics will provide you a coded receipt to self-file with your insurance. Call your insurance company to see if these services are covered, or not, with your plan. Thank you for your patience!


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My Experience & History

I started working in 1972 at the age of fifteen in a mom and pop shoe store called Wilkinsons Shoeland. Kay Wilkinson’s` father started Greens Foot-So-Port during the Great Depression and was a success, Kay learned the business from her father and taught her husband Wilkie (Evan) how to fit shoes. Wilkie went to classes to become a Pedorthist and this was my first exposure to orthopedic shoes. I was taught how to fit and sell shoes as well as some Pedorthic technology as well. In 1977 I married my high school sweetheart and wanted to expand my repertoire and sought out a managerial position with Stride Rite a children’s shoe retailer in Glenbrook mall. For two years I was the assistant manager then manager. During the two years that I was manager I doubled the stores sales, earning a local and national reputation. Wanting to challenge myself even more I left Stride Rite and eventually was hired by Fred Toenges in 1983. By 1985 I became the stores assistant manager and watched Fred practice Pedorthics, I was very interested. Fred taught me everything I could absorb and he was a tough task master but I learned. I became very instrumental in increasing the Pedorthic business. In 1987 I attended classes at Northwestern University, Chicago and became a Nationally Board Certified Pedorthist. Learning about human propulsion, bio-mechanic, kinematics and physiology. As we grew we added more Pedorthists, technicians and shoe repair. I had a knack for listening to and evaluating customers foot problems, quickly gaining respect from customers and physicians as a go to guy. Leaving Toenges, I was presented with some challenges and took time to determine what I wanted to do. I missed the Pedorthic business so I decided to create a blog to help people help themselves. Eventually I hope to be back in business fitting, modifying, manufacturing shoes and orthotics.

Steve Bumgardner C. Ped,   Summit Pedorthics Owner

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